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Forum Consulting

The Forum is a trusted leader in education abroad and is recognized by the U.S. Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission as the Standards Development Organization for the field. We provide high quality resources, best practices, training, and services aimed at supporting professionals and helping organizations to improve their education abroad programming. Forum Consulting is one more way we can help institutions and organizations to address their challenges, meet their goals, and improve their education abroad systems, operations and outcomes. Especially now, when the world of higher education has rapidly changed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Forum Consulting is an effective tool for members and non-members to address their education abroad needs with expert guidance.

Put The Forum’s experience and network to work for you.

Featured Service: Crisis Management Consulting

Have you struggled with pandemic response and planning? As the COVID-19 pandemic evolves, The Forum has experienced risk and emergency management expertise available to help your organization prepare to reopen education abroad. While it is not possible to anticipate exactly how any crisis will unfold, expert consultants can evaluate your organization-specific plans and response efforts, and provide feedback and guidance to help you address current and future challenges.

Forum consultants provide guidance related to:

  • Crisis debriefing and assessment of past crisis response efforts
  • Developing, implementing, or improving crisis management plans
  • Scenario planning
  • Program development with an eye to risk mitigation and crisis management
  • Developing sound decision-making protocols
  • Identifying reliable and relevant data and information sources to inform your risk management and crisis response processes
  • Reviewing waivers, contractual agreements, and/or informed consent documents related to COVID-19 or other health, safety, and security issues
  • Elevated-risk destination reviews and approvals
  • Effective emergency communications
  • Guidance on identifying, strengthening, and maintaining a strategic network of on- and off-campus subject matter experts.
  • Identifying existing resources from which to leverage expertise
  • Implementing the Guidelines for Conducting Education Abroad during COVID-19

From high-level strategic guidance, to practical implementation, Forum consultants can assist you to manage unforeseen circumstances with confidence.

Crisis Management Consulting Pricing

Consultancy fees are determined on a project-by-project basis, based on the scope and duration of the project.

Praise for Crisis Management Consulting

“As a first-time director of study abroad, in a pandemic era nonetheless, this program has been a boon to the university’s confidence in our office as well as a boost to my confidence. Thank you (and The Forum at large) for this support at such a critical juncture.

While Arkansas has been a member of The Forum for a while now, we’ve used your resources in bits and pieces throughout my time in this office. However, now, this process has helped me and my staff become more familiar and conversant in the Standards of Good Practice, and I consider that a big win because I’ve wanted to strengthen that connection to The Forum amongst my staff.”

– Sarah Malloy, University of Arkansas


Engaging with The Forum’s Crisis Management Consulting services was a necessity this year and the results were almost immediate. The consultants thorough examination of our organisation’s procedures, policies and protocols informed their work, but what stood out was the time they took to understand our organisational culture and ethos in order to tailor their recommendations. They delivered a personalised set of recommendations within an agreed timeline, which our organisation has since implemented. Their work has helped steer our organisation through a challenging period and further ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of our student population.”

Karl Dowling, FIE


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Additional Consulting Services

Forum consultants offer objective external perspectives and specialized skills to offer practical solutions to the challenges facing your organization.

We offer consulting services related to:

  • Health and safety (health insurance, risk mitigation, crisis management);
  • Office administration (management, structure, staffing, position descriptions, funding practices, salaries, technology, efficiencies, etc.)
  • Enrollment management (marketing, recruitment, admission, etc.);
  • Offerings (study, internship, work, service learning, volunteer, etc.);
  • Advising (program, financial, immigration, travel, academic, health, etc.);
  • Transition (orientation, integration, and re-entry);
  • New program development
  • Program management (program logistics, evaluation, assessment, etc.);
  • Policies and procedures
  • Other Education Abroad needs


Forum Consulting Process

  • Inquiry: Organization completes web form to request information about a consultancy to meet their needs. The form includes information about scope of services, issues to be addressed, and preferred timeline.
  • Proposal: The client shares background information with Forum proposal manager. Forum proposal manager works with the client to agree upon the deliverables and timeline, the skills or experience the Forum Consultant should possess, and to communicate the fee. Potential consultants and a proposal are presented to the client. If the client approves, the contract is signed and a deposit is paid.
  • Virtual Meetings: After an introductory meeting between the client and consultant(s), arranged by Forum staff, the consultant(s) arrange regular meetings with the client and key stakeholders necessary to complete the project.
  • Project Completion: Depending on the type of project, the consultant may deliver a detailed report with observations and recommendations, a presentation that the project sponsor may use with key stakeholders, guidance on a new crisis management plan that the client can implement, etc.
  • Follow-up: The consultant(s) remains available to the client for questions for two weeks after project completion.



Consultancy fees are determined on a project-by-project basis, based on the scope and duration of the project.


Praise for Forum Consulting

“Thank you for a very helpful, clear, and orderly reflection of our strengths and our ‘developing strengths’ (aka ‘weaknesses’). I am so happy I called on The Forum to help us complete the assessment, and grateful The Forum was able to assemble such a fantastic team of insightful, thoughtful professionals to work with us. It is clear from the report that this team grasped the complexity of our organization, the talents and reach of many of our people, and the effects of the external forces we are attempting to address as we grow our international presence.”


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